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Advance Release Calendar

The calendar contains information about the release date of statistical data. The calendar is updated throughout the whole year.

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Releases published up to 2018 are available here.


DateLinkTitlePeriod Notes 
9/28/2023 Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market 08.2023
9/29/2023 Gross domestic product - preliminary data2022 delay from 09.09.2023 to 31.10.2023 delayed for 31.10.2023
9/29/2023 Industrial production volume indices08.2023
9/29/2023 Electricity and natural gas prices01-06.2023
9/29/2023 Turnover indices in the Trade Sector - preliminary data08.2023
9/29/2023 Enrolled Students in Undergraduate Studies2022/2023
9/29/2023 Monthly Statistical Bulletin 
9/29/2023 Gross domestic product - final data2021
10/2/2023 Usage of information and communication technologies in the enterprises2023
10/2/2023 Indices of employees in industry08.2023
10/5/2023 Price indices of catering trade and services09.2023
10/6/2023 External trade - preliminary data01-08.2023
10/6/2023 Environmental Taxes2021
10/9/2023 Consumer price index by COICOP and Retail price index9.2023
10/10/2023 Industrial producer price indices on the non-domestic market 08.2023
10/10/2023 Industrial producer price indices, total 08.2023
10/10/2023 Indices on import prices from division Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (19)08.2023
10/13/2023 Tourism08.2023
10/13/2023 Industry turnover indices08.2023
10/13/2023 Issued building permits08.2023

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