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Gender based violence, 2022

Wine in Figures 2022

Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of North Macedonia, 2021 - first dataset

Groundwater is invisible, but its impact is visible everywhere






MICS 2018-2019

Child Marriage

Child Labour

Child Functioning

Child Discipline

World Children's Day, 20 November

World Diabetes Day, 14 November

Addressing of the Director General of the State Statistical Office

World Children's Day, 20 November


World Teachers' Day

Organic Production

Survey on foreign visitors at border crossings

Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

World Health Day, 2020

International Women's day, 2020

For the wine

World cancer day, 04 february

Do you know how meny children are born daily?

The Future is Accessible, 2019

20 november - Universal Children's Day

World food day, 16.10.2019

World Tourism Day, 29 September 2019

Back to school!

World Population Day

World Health Day - 7 April

Intenational water day , 22 March

Intenational day of forests, 21 March

World radio day 2019: dialogue, tolerance and peace - 14 february

International day od education, 24 january

World tourism day, 27 september

International youth day

Macedonian Statistics Day - 1 June

World telecommunication and information society day

World Health Day - 7 April - Depression - Let's talk

8 MARCH International Women's Day

Wine in figures, 2017

2016 in figures

Universal Children's Day

World Food Day

World Health Day - "Beat Diabetes"

World Consumer Rights Day

8 MARCH International Women's Day

Wine in figures

How do we spend energy

2015 in figures

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