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Support to the State Statistical Office for capacity building and improving compliance of statistics with EU standards

The 16-months Twinning project funded by European Union “Support to the State Statistical Office for capacity building and improving compliance of statistics with EU standards” started on the 17th of October 2016. The project is funded by European Union and it is jointly implemented by the beneficiary institution (SSO), and the Member States partners (Istat and SURS).

The Twinning project purpose is to enhance the capacity of the State Statistical Office in order to further improve compliance with EU acquis in the three main pillars of the National Statistical System: National Accounts, Economic statistics and Social Statistics. The overall objective to which the project has to contribute is the improvement of decision making by government institutions, businesses and citizens in the country, through the production of exhaustive and comparable statistics in line with EU and international standards, aiming at further advancing democracy and the market oriented economy.

The State Statistical Office (SSO), the main beneficiary institution, is a professional and independent organisation within the state administration, and it is the main actor and co-ordinator of official statistics in the country. The EU member states partners are The Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is the body responsible for official statistics in Italy and the largest producer of economic and social data in the country. It is a public research organisation and operates under public law in complete independence and continuous interaction with the academic and scientific communities. The State Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) is the main producer and coordinator of national statistics in Slovenia. In line with the National Statistics Act, SURS is a professionally independent Government service. A number of other national stakeholders will also be involved and benefit from the project.

In order to reach the aims of the project, the following mandatory results have to be achieved:
  • Implementation of European System of Accounts 2010 (component 1)
  • Improvement of Business Statistics (component 2)
  • Improvement of Research and Development statistics, Labour Market statistics and Statistics on income and living conditions (component 3)

As for all Twinning projects, the project brings together public sector expertise from EU Member States and beneficiary countries with the aim of achieving concrete mandatory operational results through peer to peer activities. The project will implement a number of activities grouped in three project’s components, with a range of short-term experts from the national statistics institutions of Italy and Slovenia who will work together with SSO staff.

Four missions have been successfully conducted in the first quarter, while 25 missions are already foreseen to be conducted in the second and third quarter (see Project activities).

Basic data

Project title:
“Support to the State Statistical Office for capacity building and improving compliance of statistics with EU standards” (MK 12 IB ST 01)

Main beneficiary: State Statistical Office (SSO)

Member States implementing partners: Istat - Italian National Institute of Statistics (MS Lead Partner); State Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia SURS - (MS Junior Partner)

Implementation period: 17 October 2016 - 16 February 2018; 16 months

Budget: the total budget is 742,105 Euro, 5% of which as National Public contribution

The project is funded by the European Union’s IPA TAIB 2012 National Programme.

For more information

Resident Twinning Adviser
Donatella Zindato
+389 (2) 3295 679

Resident Twinning Adviser Counterpart
Sladzana Shavkuloska
+389 (2) 3295 768

Resident Twinning Adviser Assistant
Marija Janakievska
+389 (2) 3295 779

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The second meeting of the Steering Committee
of theTwinning Project "Support to the State Statistical
Office forcapacity building and improving compliance
of statisticswith EU standards" took place on 27.04.2017
in Skopje. (click here)

A technical workshop on the topics covered
by the project was held on the 31st of January at
Hotel Park in Skopje (see Events).

- Kick off event
- First meeting of the Steering Committee

- Internal kick off meeting


Technical workshop
- An integrated system of statistics for macro-economic

- The EU Regulation for an STS framework
- The use of administrative data in
the Population and Housing Census

Kick-off event
- Importance of official statistics in the EU
accession process

- Twinning Project Overview
- Project delivery, knowledge sharing and sustainability

Project info

Project fiche


Press release kick off event


Twinning Manual

Twinning Templates

TAIEX and Twinning activity reports

Project Activities

Component 1

Component 2

Component 3

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