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Utilisation and protection of water against pollution in industry 2016

The data presented by the State Statistical Office show the amounts of water abstracted and supplied, water used and wastewater
discharged in 2016.

In 2016, the water abstraction of industrial enterprises reached a total of 3 709 million m3, in which the share of section D - Electricity,...   131

Average monthly gross wage paid per employee, March 2018

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, the index of the average monthly gross wage paid per employee in March 2018,
compared to March 2017, was 105.3.

This increase is caused by the increase of the average monthly gross wage paid per employee in the sectors:...   41

Upcoming news releases:
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28.05.2018Transport of passengers and goodsI.2018 
29.05.2018Fine arts2017 
30.05.2018Industrial production volume indices04.2018 
30.05.2018Reported, accused and convicted adult and juvenile perpetrators of criminal offences2017 
31.05.2018Business Demography2016 
31.05.2018Indices of employees in industry04.2018 

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