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Consumer Price Index by COICOP classification and Retail Price Index, September 2015
среда, 07 октомври 2015

According to the State Statistical Office data, the Consumer Price Index in September 2015, in comparison with the previous
month, was 99.8, while the Retail Price Index was 99.3.

The decrease in the Consumer Price Index by 0.2% in September 2015, in comparison with the previous month, is...   39

Catering price index, September 2015
понеделник, 05 октомври 2015

According to the State Statistical Office data, the catering price index in September 2015, in comparison with August 2015,
increased by 0.1%. Compared by groups of services, there was an increase in the index of Food by 0.1% and Nights spent by
The catering price index...

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