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Energy, February 2015
- preliminary data -

петок, 24 април 2015

Electricity, natural gas, coal and petroleum products, February 2015

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, in February 2015, the total consumption by energy commodities in the
Republic of Macedonia was: 745 974 ?Wh of electricity, 13.674 mil. nm3 of natural gas, 497 997 tonnes of...   117

International trade volume, January-December 2013
среда, 22 април 2015

According to the definitive data of the State Statistical Office, the export value of goods in the Republic of Macedonia in the period
January-December 2013 was 4 298 772 thousand US dollars, and the import value was 6 619 586 thousands US dollars. Import
coverage by export was...

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