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International youth day

 Latest news releases

Transport of passengers by bus, second quarter of 2017

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the same period of 2016, the
total number of passengers carried in road passenger transport increased by 9.9%. According to the kind of transport, the
number of passengers carried in urban...

Industrial producer price indices, total, June 2017

According to the State Statistical Office data, in June 2017, the Industrial producer prices, total, remained the same at the
monthly level, while at the annual level the prices increased by 3.2%.
In June 2017, in comparison with May 2017, the Industrial producer prices, total, decreased in the...

Upcoming news releases:
23.08.2017Average monthly gross wage paid per employee06.2017 
23.08.2017Average monthly net wage paid per employee06.2017 
24.08.2017Transport of passengers and goodsII 2017 
24.08.2017Value of contracted and completed construction works abroadII 2017 
25.08.2017Energy (monthly data) - preliminary data06.2017 
25.08.2017Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market07.2017 
25.08.2017Natural movement of the population- - preliminary dataII 2017 
30.08.2017Industrial production volume indices07.2017 
31.08.2017Indices of employees in industry07.2017 
31.08.2017Turnover indices in the Trade sector - preliminary data07.2017 

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