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Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market, May 2016
вторник, 28 јуни 2016

According to the State Statistical Office data, in May 2016, the Industrial producer prices on the domestic market were higher by
0.8% at the monthly level and by 0.5% at the annual level.
In May 2016, in comparison with April 2016, the Industrial producer prices on the domestic...

Live births, deaths and migration by urban and rural areas, by regions, 2015
понеделник, 27 јуни 2016

According to the State Statistical Office data, in the Republic of Macedonia, the number of live births in urban areas in 2015 was
13 357, or 57.9% of the total number of live births, in comparison with 9 718 live births or 42.1% in rural areas. By regions, Skopje...   6

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