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General data about SDDS - Special Data Dissemination System
SDDS was established by the MMF to guide members that have, or that might seek, access to international capital markets in their provision of economic and financial data to the public. In this respect GDDS is a system and SDDS is a standard. SDDS promotes transparency and facilitates informal user's judgments on the quality and integrity of statistical products and their producers.

There are four dimensions of dissemination:
  • Periodicity and timeliness
  • Access by the public
  • Data integrity
  • Data quality

SDDS covers:
  • Real sector
  • Fiscal sector
  • Financial sector
  • External sector
  • Population

For each category are developed:
  • Base page
  • Dissemination formats page
  • Summary methodology page
  • Advance release calendar

The Advance Release Calendar shows the release date for each data category at least for the following four months. The National Summary Data Page contains the latest actual data for all data categories prescribed by the SDDS SDDS metadata structure are based on the Fund's Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF).

  Link to SDDS - National Summary Data Page

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