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Theme: Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product in the Republic of Macedonia in 2013 -preliminary data


Gross domestic product (GDP) data for 2012 and 2013 have been prepared according to the European System of Accounts 2010
(ESA 2010)1) as part of the revision of the annual series of data due to methodological improvements and implementation of the
principles of this methodology.
According to preliminary data, obtained by annual reports of business entities and other sources, the gross domestic product
(GDP) in 2013 is 499 559 million denars and in comparison with 2012 it increased by 7.0% in nominal terms. The real GDP growth
rate in comparison with 2012 is 2.7%.
The following sectors had the biggest share of value added in the structure of GDP in 2013: (G, H and I) Wholesale and retail trade;
repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; Transportation and storage; Accommodation and food service activities (18.2%).
The Final consumption in 2013, in comparison with 2012, increased by 3.7% in nominal terms, while its share in the structure of
GDP was 89.6%.
In 2013, the share of Export of goods and services in GDP was 43.8%.

1) Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council adopted in 2013, which introduces a new system for compiling national accounts – European System of Accounts
2010 (ESA 2010) will come into force in September 2014 and will replace the previous one, ESA 1995.

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