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Accommodation Capacity in Catering Trade and Services, состојба, 01.08.2010


Presented in this publication are data from the survey on accommodation capacities in catering trade and services conducted in 2010 (reference date: 31 August 2010), in accordance with the Program for Statistical Surveys.

The survey on accommodation capacities was conducted in accordance with the methodological recommendations of the World Tourism Organization and EUROSTAT. This survey covers the majority of accommodation establishments, excluding houses, vacation apartments and rooms for rent. The survey also covers the most significant characteristics of the accommodation establishments and their accompanying facilities.

Data from this publication are not comparable with the data from the previous survey of 2005.The statistical survey of accommodation facilities according to star ratings was introduced for the first time in 2008.

A direct link between the categorization with stars and the previous categorization cannot be established, and this is the reason for the interruption in the annual data series.

Data processing was performed on several territorial levels, and this publication contains tables at the country level, by types of tourist resorts and by regions.

Release date: 27.07.2011
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  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
Number of pages: 59
ISBN: 978-608-227-035-7
ISSN: 0580-454X
Language: Macedonian and English


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