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Statistical Yearbook, 2015


In the 70 years of existence of the State Statistical Office, 62 years have been marked
by a unique, exceptional and valuable edition for the country - the Statistical Yearbook of the
Republic of Macedonia. This valuable collection of publications includes the latest edition,
which we are pleased to present to the data users.
Shown in a way that facilitates the use of the publication, the statistical data from
numerous statistical surveys, arranged in tables, charts and maps, provide a clear picture of the
demographic and socio-economic situation in the country in 2014. In addition, the publication
includes time series that can be used for observing the trends over the years in these segments
of society.
The comprehensiveness of statistics on the situation in the country is confirmed by the
presented statistical data obtained from the bodies, organisations and institutions comprising
the statistical system in the country, coordinated by the State Statistical Office as the main
producer of official statistics.
At the same time, the publication contains statistics about the countries of Europe and
the world that are comparable with data about the Republic of Macedonia, which provides an
insight into the demographic and socio-economic development not only of the country, but
also the region, Europe and the world as a whole.
The commitment to produce reliable, objective, high-quality, timely and accessible
official statistics is also confirmed by this edition of the Statistical Yearbook. With the intention
of making each successive edition better than the previous, we are continuing to invest in
human resources and technology and we are looking forward to the comments, observations,
constructive criticism and requests of our data users.
In this way, each Statistical Yearbook will reflect our mutual success, thereby becoming
a driving force of the growth and development of the Republic of Macedonia.

Release date: 15.06.2015
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  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
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