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Methodological explanation for the news release:

External trade volume

Data source

The data source for the foreign trade statistics is the single administrative document, whose content is adjusted for various purposes. Important data about the customs procedure are written in the document, as well as data needed for statistical data processing and for the banking system.


The foreign trade statistics of the Republic of North Macedonia are based on the principles of special trade (relaxed definition), according to which the exports include all domestic goods, goods from the premises for inward processing and free industrial zones exported abroad, in foreign customs warehouses or free economic zones.

The imports include all the goods, no matter whether they are imported directly from abroad, from customs transit, from customs warehouses or free commercial zones, intended for domestic use, for inward processing and free industrial zones. Besides the commercial turnover, the statistics include the exports and imports of goods without paying counter value.

The value of the goods for inward processing is calculated on a gross basis before and after the processing is done.

In the Foreign trade statistical survey each export and import shipment of goods, which has to be included according to the foreign trade statistics methodology, is taken as an observation unit.

The time of submitting the SAD (single administrative document – implemented in RNM since) is taken as observation period.

Last updated: 31.08.2023

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