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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Industrial production volume indices

Calculation method

The industrial production index, in accordance with the National Classification of Activities, is calculated in two steps: in the first step the indices are calculated by weighting the individual indices of quantity data of industrial products, and in the second step by weighting with adequate weights for different activity levels (groups, divisions, sections and total).

The monthly industrial production index is calculated by the Laspeyres formula and is used for calculation of other indices.

Weighting coefficients of individual products of the National Nomenclature of Industrial Products used in the calculation of the Industrial Production Index represent the value added to the unit production of a respective product. They are calculated on the basis of unit values of the 2010 Industrial Annual Report and are revised every five years.

The structure of industrial activities (division structure) was calculated on the basis of the value added for 2010 and is updated at the beginning of every year for the calculation of indices for the current year.


Classifications used for collecting data in the Monthly Report on Industrial Production and for publishing results are: the National Classification of Activities Rev.2 (Official Gazette No. 147/2008) and the National Nomenclature of Industrial Products 2008 (Official Gazette No. 75/2009).


The industrial production index is based on EUROSTAT’s recommendations in the Methodology of Short-Term Business Statistics from 2006 and is harmonised with Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 concerning short-term statistics.

Last updated: 14.03.2013

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