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European Statistics Day "Better Data. Better Life."

Today (20.10.2016), the European statistical family is celebrating the European Statistics Day under the motto “Better data. Better life”. The importance of good and comparable statistics is well known to the whole statistical community, and that is why the goal of its celebration, according to the words of Mr. Walter Radermacher, Director General of Eurostat, is ”to increase the awareness of the citizens of Europe about the importance and the value of official statistics for the society”.
The European statistical society is constantly investing efforts to increase the scope and availability of statistical data, to improve the methodologies and techniques for production of statistics and to strengthen the statistical systems in all countries in Europe.

That is why, this year, on the occasion of the celebration of this important date, a Conference of European Statistical Stakeholders is taking place in Budapest, where the Director General of the State Statistical Office, Ms. Lidija Kostovska, is also participating. The Conference gathers together a large number of producers and users of statistical data which represents an opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences in relation to statistical themes from the aspect of both producers of statistical data and the wide circle of users: policy makers, business users, journalists, researchers, students. Today, on the first day of the Conference, a Declaration on Quality of the European Statistical System was adopted.

The State Statistical Office (SSO), too, joined the celebration of this important date by organising a “Caravan for statistical education“ in order to present the official statistical data produced by SSO and Eurostat. As part of this caravan, it is planned to visit high schools in the country, and these visits will be a good opportunity to inform the future students about the importance of statistics for the socio-economic life in Macedonia and Europe, as well as to make statistics more popular among them. Also, these presentations will help them to understand statistics and to learn how to use statistical data.

The Caravan started today with the visit of the high school “Arseni Jovkov” in Skopje, and in the course of the following days other high schools will also be visited.

The European Statistical Office, Eurostat, on the occasion of the celebration of the European Statistics Day prepared adequate video that points out the value and importance of statistical data in everyday life.

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