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Seminars on the Twinning Project


Today, at the premises of the State Statistical Office and the Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia, several seminars took place marking the end of the Twinning Project “Support to the State Statistical Office for capacity building and improving compliance of statistics with EU standards”, financed by the European Union. More specifically, the following seminars took place:

- Estat - Standardisation and modernisation of data collection methods 
- Progress made for better understanding of National Accounts 
- More new statistics, new approaches – more possibilities for decisions, social statistics 
- Organic farming and environmental protection expenditures 
- Import-export indices 
- European Statistics Code of Practice 
- Thematic maps, an important part in the presentation and analysis of statistical data

At the seminars, speeches were given by: Ms. Blagica Novkovska, Director General of the State Statistical Office and project-leader of the beneficiary country, component leaders from the State Statistical Office and experts from the member-countries who worked jointly on the Project and the Project results in the last two years.

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