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Annual report
This is the latest Annual Report on the work of the State Statistical Office, which summarises the most significant activities of the Office in 2016.

In 2016, by undertaking activities for improving statistics, the SSO was committed to achieving its strategic goals and accomplishing the objectives and obligations set out in the Work Programme.
In 2016, in addition to the regular surveys, the State Statistical Office made progress with the implementation of all postponed surveys from previous years, as well as by conducting new surveys and other statistical activities, such as:

• Census of school premises of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools in the Republic of Macedonia
• Census of retail trade capacities
• Census of catering and accommodation capacities
• Farm structure survey
• Survey on foreign visitors at border crossings
• Survey on foreign tourists in accommodation establishments
• Survey on the travels of the domestic population
• Adult education survey
• A particularly important activity was the introduction of keeping records of primary and secondary sampling units in selected statistical districts in order to update the sampling frame for the social statistics surveys.
• In the area of national accounts, activities were undertaken in order to continue the implementation of the ESA 2010 methodology.
• Experimental EDP (excessive deficit procedure) tables were prepared and delivered to Eurostat.
• Several national classification and nomenclatures were adopted.
• The Energy Balances for the period 2005-2014 were revised using the statistical data obtained by the survey on energy consumption in households, 2014.
• A total of 190 quality reports were prepared and published in accordance with the Quality Policy of the SSO.

You can download the entire annual report, 2016
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