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Annual report
The goal of official statistics is the continuous development of statistics as well as production and dissemination of statistical data in accordance with the fundamental principles of official statistics. One of the main tasks of the SSO is efficient and timely preparation and dissemination of reliable statistical indicators that reflect the social and economic phenomena and processes, providing users with a reliable source for analysis of the current situation and decision making. Official statistics are important not only nationally, but also internationally, as they allow comparison of certain aspects of social and economic development with other countries. With the process of accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the European Union, special emphasis is placed on the integration of the statistical system of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Statistical System, as well as on ensuring comparability of statistical data on the Republic of Macedonia with data on the Member States of the European Union.

In accordance with Article 21 of the Law on State Statistics, in order to inform the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the State Statistical Office prepared the Annual Report for 2015. In the report, special attention is devoted to the results of the State Statistical Office in 2015, especially emphasising the commitment of the SSO for further development of the statistical system in the country, as well as the compliance with international statistical standards and their application in the statistical system of the country. 
You can download the entire annual report, 2015
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