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Theme: Construction


Illegally built structures on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, 2017


According to the State Statistical Office data, a total of 762 illegally built structures were registered on the territory of the Republic of
Macedonia in 2017.
According to the type, the number of illegally built structures is the following: 138 housing units1) (18.1%); 122 extensions, alterations and adaptations (16.0%); 78 business buildings (10.2%); 53 garages (7.0%); 128 fences (16.8%); 10 stairs (1.3%); 15 terraces (2.0%); 24 summer terraces (3.1%); 65 canopies (8.5%); 34 temporary structures (4.5%) and 95 auxiliary structures (12.5%).
Most of the illegally built constructions are in private ownership (99.5%).

1) According to their purpose, the housing units are divided into residential, mostly residential and vacation houses.

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