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Theme: Population


Live births, deaths and migration by regions, urban and rural areas, 2018


According to the State Statistical Office data, in the Republic of North Macedonia, the number of live births in urban areas was 12 598, which represents 59.1% of the total number of live births, in comparison with 8 735 live births or 40.9% in rural areas. By regions, Skopje had the highest share of total live births, 37.6%, while the East Region had the smallest share 6.5%.

Average age of mothers for all live births was 29.8 years in the urban area and 28.1 in rural areas. The average age of mothers at first births in urban areas was 28.3 years and 25.8 years in rural areas. Mothers from rural areas at first births were 2.5 years younger, than mothers from urban areas.

The number of deaths in urban areas was 12 091, which represents 61.3% of the total numbers of deaths in comparison with 7 636 or 38.7% in rural areas. By regions, Skopje had the highest share of the total number of deaths in relation to the total number of deaths, 28.5%, while the Vardar Region had the smallest share, 8.1%. There were 69 infant deaths in urban areas and 53 in rural areas.

The average age of deaths was 73.0 years in urban areas and 73.7 years in rural areas, which means that the deceased persons in rural areas had a higher average age.

Urban areas participated with 31.6% of the natural increase, while rural areas participated with 68.4%. Vardar, East, Southwest, Southeast and Pelagonia regions show negative natural increase.

The data on internal migration within the same region show that the dominant form of migration was from rural to urban areas with 37.0%. Rural-urban migration at the regional level was highest in the ?ast at 51.0%, while the Polog Region is characterised by inter-rural migration, making up 55.1% of the total migration in the region.

The external net migration was highest in the Skopje Region, while lowest in the Vardar region.

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