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Theme: Economic Accounts for Agriculture


Economic Accounts for Agriculture, at constant prices, 2011-2016


The calculations are made on the basis of the recommendations given in the Manual on Economic Accounts for Agriculture
and Forestry, Revision 1.1. and Regulation 138/2004 on the economic accounts for agriculture in the Community.

The purpose of these calculations is more accurate economic analysis, as well as the need to distinguish between the trends
related to the volume changes and those regarding price changes. According to ESA 95 (European System of Accounts), the
price component should consist of those changes that refer only to the prices, while all other changes should be included in
the volume component. Thus, all other components (physical characteristics, type of selling, etc.) are taken as volume and
not price changes.

The volume and price indicators used in the calculations for the Economic Accounts for Agriculture at constant prices also
include the quality changes. If the products are homogeneous, changes in volume can be estimated on the basis of changes
in quantity.

The data refer to the period 2011-2016, on a previous year basis.

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