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MakStat Database
   MakStat database
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MakStat database

The MakStat database contains tables from all statistical areas for which the State Statistical Office produces statistical data. The data are at different territorial levels according to the NUTS nomenclature.

The data in the MakStat database are available free of charge. When using the data, it is obligatory to specify the source (Source: State Statistical Office).

The MakStat database offers many ways to reuse the data. The data are available for download, as tables in various formats: PC Axis, Excel, txt, HTML, JSON as well as graphs in png, gif or jpg format. For more advanced users, access is enabled through the API as well.

Last published tables in the MakStat database
Business Tendencies in construction( Balances of weights by months) 22.04.2019
Business tendencies in retail trad ( Balances of weights in quarter ) 22.04.2019
Number and nights spent of tourists by countries of origin, 2011-2018, by municipality, by month 19.04.2019
Tourists and nights spent by tourists in the Republic of Macedonia, by region, by month 19.04.2019
Number of tourists and nights spent by country of origin, by months 19.04.2019
Tourist arrivals and tourist nights spent, by years and months 19.04.2019
Price indices of the output in agriculture, 2015=100 , by month 19.04.2019
Price indices of goods and services currently consumed in agriculture, 2015=100,by month 19.04.2019
Business Tendencies in manufacturing industry ( Balances of weights by months) 17.04.2019

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