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General and Regional Statistics   
25713km2Surface area01.01.2014
80 Number of municipalities01.01.2014
1767 Number of settlements01.01.2014
34 Number of cities01.01.2014
1733 Number of villages01.01.2014
Population and Social Statistics   
15473 Juveniles recipients of social welfare2016
42549 Adult recipients of social welfare2016
29215 Recipients of Social cash benefit (households)2016
12955 Recipients of child care allowances2016
7346 Children recipients of special allowances2016
993Number of SchoolsNumber of regular elementary schoolsyear. 2016/2017
132Number of SchoolsNumber of regular secondary schoolsyear 2016/2017
192 715Number of PersonsNumber of students in the regular elementary schoolsyear 2016/2017
76 394Number of PersonsNumber of students in the regular secondary schoolsyear 2016/2017
17 887Number of PersonsNumber of teachers in the regular elementary schoolsyear 2016/2017
7420Number of PersonsNumber of teachers in the regular secondary schoolsyear 2016/2017
58083 Enrolled students at higher schools and facultiesyear 2016/2017
8247 Number of graduated students at higher schools and faculties - first cycle of studies2016
2021 Number of persons who obtained the title "Master of Science" and "Specialist"2016
197 Number of persons who have obtained the title "Doctor of Science"2016
124 Number of research organizations2016
2 073 702 Population31.12.2016
20502 Reported adult perpetrators of crimes2016
9320 Accused adult perpetrators of crimes2016
8172 Convicted adult perpetrators of crimes2016
587 Reported juvenile perpetrators of crimes2016
702 Accused juvenile perpetrators of crimes2016
468 Convicted juvenile perpetrators of crimes2016
34386 Children in kindergartens2016
11.1live births per 1000 inh.Birth rate2016
1.2per 1000 inh.Rate of natural increase2016
1.50live births per womanTotal fertility rate2016
9.9deaths per 1000 inh.Crude mortality rate2016
11.9infant deaths per 1000 inh.Infant mortality rate2016
6.4marriages per 1000 inh.Nuptiality rate2016
1.0divorces per 1000 inh.Divorciality rate2016
2 144 Net migration2016
1165 Total number of performances in professional theaters 2015/2016
35 Number of concerts of the Macedonian Philharmonic2015/2016
587 Organized fine art exhibitions2016
4114 Number of teachers and supporting staff in the tertiary education institutionsyear 2016/2017
Incomes, Expenditures and Prices   
954814 Active populationIII.2017
743451 Employed III.2017
211363 Unemployed III.2017
44.2%Employment rateIII.2017
22.1%Unemployment rateIII.2017
23 196denarsAverage monthly net wage11.2017
103.6 Index of the average monthly net wage11.2017/11.2016
34 079denarsAverage monthly gross wage11.2017
103.7 Index of the average monthly gross wage11.2017/11.2016
318273denarsAverage annual labour costs2008
101.4 Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market12.2017/12.2016
99.8 Industrial producer price indices on the domestic market12.2017/11.2017
99.9 Retail Price Index01.2018 / 12.2017
99.9 Consumer Price Index01.2018 / 12.2017
101.1 Consumer Price Index01.2018 / 01.2017
101.2 Price index in agriculture - input12.2017 / 12.2016
104.4 Price index in agriculture - output12.2017 / 12.2016
374701denarsTotal available assets, average per household2016
333399denarsTotal used assets, average per household 2016
101.1 Catering price index01.2018 / 01.2017
97.7 Construction costs indices for new residential buildingsIII 2016 / III 2015
101.2 Industrial producer price indices on the non-domestic market12.2017/11.2017
104.6 Industrial producer price indices on the non-domestic market12.2017/12.2016
21.9%%Laeken indicator of at risk of poverty rate2016
100.4 Industrial producer price indices, total12.2017/11.2017
102.9 Industrial producer price indices, total12.2017/12.2016
33.6 Inequality of income distribution, Gini coefficient2016
1.27 Job vacancy rateIII.2016
Economy and Finances   
133254milion denars (preliminary data)Value of Gross Fixed Capital Formation-current prices2015
7.9% (preliminary data)Value of Gross Fixed Capital Formation-current prices2015 / 2014
288967denarsGross domestic product per capita2016
42.9%The biggest share in total GDP has Skopje region2015
5.2%The lowest share in total GDP has Northeast region2015
52.4%The biggest share in the total GFCF has Skopje region2015
2.4%The lowest share in the total GFCF has Northeast region2015
0.2%Gross Domestic ProductIII.2017
598881milion denars (Preliminary Data)GDP at current prices2016
558954milion denarsGDP at current prices2015
57(EU28=100)Price level index for investment 2016
37(EU28=100)Volume index of GDP per capita2016
46(EU28=100)Price level index for Household final consumption expenditure2016
58(EU28=100)Price level index for food and on-alcoholic beverages2016
138 229milion denarsValue addedIII.2017
100.2 Value added, volume indices, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year (%)III.2017
Industry, Construction and Energy   
104.1 Industrial production index11.2017/11.2016
100.5 Industrial production index01 - 11.2017/ 01 - 11.2016
104.7 Index of the number of employees in industry11.2017/ 11.2016
1475.3kWhFinal electricity consumption in households per capita2016
33.7 %Participation of hydro production in terms of total gross production of electricity 2016
73,5%Share of domestic production in the gross national electricity consumption2016
32.4%Share of solids in gross inland consumption2016
58.8%Energy dependency2016
229 Number of issued building permits11.2017
- 36.9%Percentage change11.2017/11.2016
2 688 026thousand denarsValue of completed construction works11.2017
105.8 Turnover indices in industry10.2017/10.2016
Foreign Trade   
5 671 466thousand US dollarsExport value of goods01-12.2017
7 719 852thousand US dollarsImport value of goods01-12.2017
73.5%Import coverage by export01-12.2017
Transport, Tourism, Internal Trade and Other Services   
51 599 Number of tourists12.2017
122.6 Number of tourists12.2017 / 12.2016
103 721 Number of nights spent12.2017
128.0 Number of nights spent12.2017 / 12.2016
119.0 Number of domestic tourists (index)12.2017 / 12.2016
124.7 Number of foreign tourists (index)12.2017 / 12.2016
164260milion denarsWholesale turnover by articles2015
126965milion denarsRetail turnover by products20135
2 077thousandPassengers carried in road passenger transportIII.2017
126thousandPassengers carried in rail transportIII.2017
363thousand tonnesGoods carried in rail transportIII.2017
16 619thousand tonnesGoods carried in road freight transportIII.2017
681 822 Passengers carried in air transportIII.2017
75.3%Households with Internet access2016
72.2%Internet users (aged 15-74)2016
93.8%Enterprises with 10 or more persons employed with access to the Internet2016
98.4 Turnover index in the Trade sector12.2017/12.2016
Multi-domain Statistics   
71 519 Active business entities2016
2.4% (estimated data)Growth rate of real GDP per capita2016
425.5kgoe/1000 euroEnergy intensity of the economy2013
38.6%Employment rate of persons aged 55-642014
380kg per personGenerated municipal waste per person2015
+2,7%Generated municipal waste per person2015/2014
725 911,44tonnesGenerated waste from industry2014
38 561,54tonnesHazardous waste from industry2014
18.8%Consumer confidence inicator in manufacturing industry01.2018
55308(preliminary data)Number of active business entities in the non-financial business economy 2016
375129(preliminary data)Number of employees in the non-financial business economy2016
1107197milion denars (preliminary data)Turnover in the non-financial business economy2016
246489milion denars (preliminary data)Value added at factor cost2016
 favorablePresent orders (contracts) for construction worksIV.2017/IV.2016
66.5%%Average level of capacity utilization of the business entities01.2018
 more favorableAssesment of the present busines situation of the business entities in retail tradeIV.2017/IV.2016
10.8%Customer confidence indicator in constructionIV.2017
17.9%Customer confidence indicator in retail saleIV.2017
2 944 369thousand denarsInvestments in Environmental Protection2014
3 677 672thousand denarsExpenditures on maintenance of assets for environmental protection 2014
51 860milion denarsGross value added in agriculture2015
2.5%%Gross value added in agriculture2015/2014
87 760milion denarsOutput of the agricultural "industry"2015
35 900milion denarsIntermediate consumption2015
890082m3Gross felled timber2016
4.8%Gross felled timber2016/2015
1001665hectaresForest area2016
254 768 Number of cattle2016
202 758 Number of pigs2016
723 295 Number of sheep2016
463 446thousand litersMilk production2016
21 994tonnesMeat production2016
170 885 Number of agricultural holdings2013
315 863hectaresTotal utilised agricultural area2013
516thousand hectaresCultivated area2016
1267thousand hectaresAgricultural area2016
417thousand hectaresArable land and gardens2016
239 362 Number of cattle2013
42 192 Agricultural holdings specialised in field crops2007
58.22%Agricultiral holdings classified in I class - up to 2000 euro2007
2.14Livestock unitsLivestock units per agricultural holding2013
4 948 Total number of the catering trade capacities2016
334226hectaresArea of utilised agricultural land2007
241257 Number of cattle2007
192675 Number of agricultural holdings2007
471069 Household members who work at individual agricultural holdings,2007
79637.94hectaresIrrigated area2007
233702 Number of pigs2007
794053 Number of sheep2007
132924 Number of goats2007
2022547 Total Population2002
564296 Total number of Households2002
698143 Total number of Dwellings2002
4 378 Catering trade establishment2016
570 Accommodation establishment2016
18 749  Total number of capacities in retail trade2016
18 266 Stores2016
483 Gas stations2016

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