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Advance Release Calendar

The calendar contains information about the release date of statistical data. The calendar is updated throughout the whole year.

Advance Release Calendar for 2019 is available here.

News Releases:


DateTitlePeriod Notes
April 2018Employees and Net-Wages - MakStat Database01-31.10.2017  
April 2018Tourism - MakStat Database2017  
April 2018Census of the premises at the tertiary education institutions2017 26.04.2018: New publication will be published on 30.04.2018  
May 2018Field Crops, Orchards and Vineyards2017  
May 2018Institution for Children Care and Education - Kindergartens / Centres for Early Childhood Development2017  
May 2018Labour Force Survey2017  
May 2018Household Consumption in the Republic of Macedonia2017  
May 2018Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Schools at the end of the School Year2016/2017  
May 2018Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Schools at the beginning of the School Year2017/2018  
June 2018Migrations2017  
June 2018Supply and Use Tables - MakStat Database2015  
June 2018Macedonia in Figures2018  
June 2018Perpetrators of Criminal Offences2017  
June 2018Construction in the Republic of Macedonia - MakStat Database2017  
July 2018Natural Population Change2017  
July 2018Forestry - MakStat Database2017  
July 2018Livestock - MakStat Database2017  
July 2018Editions - MakStat Database2017  
July 2018Homes and boarding schools for pupils and students - MakStat Database2017/2018  
August 2018Labour Cost Survey2016  

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